Construction Materials Testing

In-House Construction Materials Testing Lab photo

Sampling and testing procedures are performed in accordance with applicable specifications of the American Society for Testing & Materials (ASTM), the Uniform Building Code (UBC) or the State of California Department of Transportation manual unless otherwise specified.

  • A Sampling of Soil Mechanics Laboratory Tests
    • Sieve Analysis
    • Hydrometer
    • Shear
    • Expansion
    • Compaction
    • R-Value
    • Consolidation
  • A Sampling of Concrete and Masonry Tests
    • Cement and Aggregate Content Analysis
    • Concrete Mix Design
    • Concrete Mix Review
    • Concrete Moisture Contents
    • Concrete Compression Testing
    • Masonry Compression Testing
    • Masonry Shear Testing
    • Roof Tile Compression Testing
  • A Sampling of Structural Steel and Reinforcing (rebar) Tests
    • Reinforcing Steel Tensile and Bend Testing
    • Structural Steel Testing
    • Welding Inspection
    • Exopy Bolts Placement Observation
    • Bolts Proof Load
    • Bolts Hardness Test