Geotechnical Engineering

geotechnical engineering: large scale foundation pour photo

Available geotechnical services are tailored to the needs of the project and range from straight forward soils engineering evaluation of single family residences to highly technical geologic and geotechnical evaluation of large residential and commercial subdivisions, hospitals, critical structures and “everything in between”!

Geotechnical Engineering is a specialized branch of Civil Engineering that evaluates and applies the engineering behavior of earth materials to engineered structures and systems.

A Geotechnical Engineer (GE) is a specialized licensed Civil Engineer (CE) who investigates site specific earth conditions by application of Soil Mechanics and provides appropriate earthworks site preparation and foundation design criteria and follow-up testing and observation for use in design, building and maintaining a serviceable engineered structures and systems.

Geotechnical Engineers commonly perform subsurface investigations to establish mechanics associated with slope stability, potential for seismic hazards (including liquefaction, dynamically induced settlement, lateral deformation and lateral design criteria), debris flows, rock falls and the corrosive nature of soils.  The results of the subsurface investigation used by the Geotechnical Engineer to prepare appropriate site specific earthworks preparation and foundation design criteria.