Consulting Geotechnical Engineers, Engineering Geology and Materials Testing

“A building is only as good as its foundation!
Don't risk your investment.
Explore the subsurface conditions thoroughly before you build.
Demand a thorough Geotechnical Evaluation.”

geotechnical engineering: site grading project photo

Geotechnical services are tailored to each project and range from routine soils engineering evaluations to slope stability and geohazard risk assessment and design. The scope of projects range from barns to mansions, tracts of homes and multiple commercial complexes, hospitals, schools, civic centers and everything in between.

field and lab testing of construction materials

PML provides complete field and laboratory physical testing of construction materials including concrete, masonry, asphalt concrete, fireproofing materials, structural steel, welding, structural bolting, glue laminated timber, truss construction, reinforcing steel as well as forensic analysis.

ICBO certified deputy inspectors and CA State OSA inspectors

Inspection services offered include structural concrete, post tension concrete, prestressed concrete, masonry, structural steel, visual and nondestructive welding, replacement anchor/hold down bolt proof loading, epoxy placement, including asphalt concrete inspection and batch plant inspection.

engineering geology landslide investigation

Engineering Geology services offered include geologic strata classification/orientation, mapping, historic research, seismicity, faulting, geohazard risk assessment and landslide investigation.